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    Hangzhou Renren Group Co., Ltd, with high and advanced technologies, is a Zhejiang provincial Model Trustworthy Enterprise as well as one of the 100 hangzhou 3-Star Key Enterprises.

    The company has got ISO/TS 16949:2002, QS9000, VDA6.1, ISO 9001 and the ISO/4001 certificate of the System Quality Certification.

    And its management tenet is: Clients First.

    The company is specialized in auto electronic equipments, metering devices, electronic scales and sensors. The products of auto electronic equipments have developed into 11 sets of over 100 varieties, such as truck combined switches, ignition locks, lock-core assembly, cigar lighters, fuses, relays, horns, main power switches and cables, which are exported to Japan and United States. And which are supplied for various cars and trucks made by those domestic factories as FAW Corporation, Dongfeng Automobile Corporation (passenger & commercial cars), Nanjing Motor Company, Yuejin Motor Group Corporation, Jinan Motor Corporation, Jinbei Auto LTD., Jiangling-Isuzu Motor Corporation, Jianghuai Motor Corporation and Harbin Motor Corporation. The products of metering devices and weighing sensors are accessories used in Wuhan Iron-Steel Plant, Baotou Iron-Steel Plant, Xiangtan Iron-Steel Plant and henna Iron-Steel Plant as well as in other fields of metallurgy industry, petrochemical industry, mineral industry and transportation.

    The company is entitled ”° China CAD Applied Engineering Demonstration Enterprise”± by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China. The company has set up a Zhejiang provincial Enterprise Technology Center with a powerful development capacity, and has adopted the latest computer-aided techniques of CAD/CAM/CAE and its laboratory to develop and manufacture the products in a new concept through the whole manufacturing process. The company has imported various production facilities, detecting instruments from the United States, Germany, Japan, Korea and Taiwan region. The inspection Centre of the company has been appointed as Hangzhou Motor Vehicle Province Quality Inspection Centre by both the Technical Supervision Bureaus of Zhejiang Province and Hangzhou city. Since the past few years, the leading products of the company have honorably won many prize as Advanced Technology Prize, Good-quality Supplement Prize, Excellent contractor Prize, etc., Holding its major portion in the domestic market.

    With the help of its advanced technology, the company is firmly advancing towards the hi-tech fields, laying special stress on the technical transformation and adoption of new techniques. The company perseveres in the people-oriented management, following the principle of the development concept of inheritance and creation to from a healthy enterprise culture of activeness and progress. All economic quotas of the company are steadily increasing in each passing year. The company has become a hi-tech enterprise with the advanced equipments of high-grade and precision.


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